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(Student Co-Op Session)

We encourage OBEC student members and co-op/intern students working with our OBEC members this summer to attend. Recent graduates are also welcome.

August 16, 2022
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Complimentary Webinar
Join us as Peter Adams, Morrison Hershfield, enlightens our student members in the field of Building Science.

Managing Condensation Risks in Buildings

Although it may not feel this way in July and August, Ontario is in a cold climate and the potential for condensation is forever present when temperatures inevitably drop for our long heating season.  That certainly does not mean that summers are all smooth sailing – it gets hot and humid enough to require us to remain vigilant. Some buildings are at a greater risk for this issue such as swimming pools, ice rinks, and water treatment plants because of the high vapour pressure differential across the envelope.  These buildings can present an even greater challenge to building scientists and mechanical engineers if conditions are made more extreme by lowering surface temperatures and changing building loads (shameless foreshadowing).  Analysis of air moisture content to identify high air moisture levels and to find moisture sources is an important tool to have for any building scientist and mechanical engineer.  It can help identify plumbing leaks, define HVAC set points, dry out wet insulation, avoid condensation in the first place, and make building owners and operators much happier.  This presentation will include practical examples from the field that illustrate why dew point temperature is king, how a solid understanding of envelope performance can help avoid condensation, and how building scientists and mechanical engineers can collaborate to manage condensation risk.


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