December 22, 2022 - OBEC News


WHO: Call out to Architects, Engineers, & Building Envelope Experts to participate in a research study. As masters of detailing, we invite you to apply to be one of the building experts in this study. To participate you must have completed a minimum of 10-15 years experience in the field. Selection to participate is based on range of project type experience, practical knowledge & locations. Those selected will bring a variety of experiences to reflect building in/across Canada.

WHAT: Complete a questionnaire package to help inform the National Building Code development on future wall design. As part of a research project from the NRC, this is your chance to contribute your knowledge to inform future versions of the Building Code, and potential approaches to future NRC studies. 

WHY: As innovation occurs in the field of wall design, research baselines supporting the Building Code and low carbon design require updating to reflect current practices. 

HOW: If interested, please send an email to whyte@coolearth.ca, with your resume, and we will get back to you asap.

As your time is valuable to us, there will be a $500 honorarium for those selected to complete the questionnaire.