Article Submission

OBEC members and building scientists from across Canada are encouraged to submit story ideas for consideration (industry specific, non promotional).

October 27, 2023

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Pushing the Envelope Canada

The Ontario Building Envelope Council (OBEC) is excited to be planning the Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 issues of Pushing the Envelope Canada. If you’re a building science specialist with a story to share, please send a short abstract for consideration.

Articles should showcase best practices related to the design, construction, performance, retrofit, and maintenance of the building envelope. They can also include the latest developments related to materials, products, and components associated with building envelopes. Note, articles cannot be product or company promotional. Articles may speak about products but would need to speak to their use, successes, challenges – they cannot “sell” products or services.

OBEC members in good standing will be given preference. Bylines and author bios will be included. Each author may request up to 25 printed copies to share with their networks and clients. Articles must be high-level and of interest to building science experts across Canada.

If you have an article idea that you think could be a fit, please send an outline to Jenna Collignon, editor of the magazine, at, and copy, and


Jenna Collignon, Editor, Matrix Group Publishing Inc. 
And copy Mohammed Dawoud,, Antoine Possik, and Sherry Denesha

Thanks for all your help!
Daniel Aleksov, P.Eng., BSS, President, Ontario Building Envelope Council